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Publishing your brand along with your products and services on a website informs people about who you are and what you offer. But merely launching a website does not allow visitors to find you among the crowd. It does not lay a path to the information your site holds. To do that, you need to position your site favorably for people to find you.

Increasing traffic volume to your site requires knowledge of how search engines connect people to websites. This discipline is called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It encompasses a set of best practices for site owners to follow when building their sites in order for search engines to rank your web pages on Page One of search engine result pages.

SEO is a complex set of guidelines that spans from the content on web pages to tags in the HTML code to sites outside of your own. Websites that have had these guidelines applied are viewed more favorably by search engines and rank higher on search engine result pages than those sites that are not SEO-compliant.

Has your site been optimized to rank highly by search engines? Are you doing everything to position your site favorably against your competitors?

Grand Plan Marketing can review your site to determine effectiveness in adhering to SEO best practices and identify obstacles that are blocking traffic to your site. We can set a plan for removing these obstacles and bringing your site into compliance.

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