Competitive Research

The race to outpace the competition is more critical now than ever. More companies are vying for customers, and customers are presented with an array of businesses that are capable of serving their needs.

In this setting, it becomes necessary for business owners to know their direct competitors and how they can best position their products and services against the competition. To do this, you need to know what keywords and search terms are best to use in drawing traffic. Seeing the keywords used by your competitors is valuable information.

Organic Keyword Research

By looking into the search history of your competitors' websites, we can identify those keywords and search terms that are driving that traffic. By studying the differences between your keywords and your competitors' keywords, we identify new topics that can be leveraged to lift traffic volume to your site.

Using this competitive intelligence is critical in gaining insights into your competition's organic strategy. Applying these insights to enhance your web content acts to strengthen your SEO compliance, leading to higher search rankings.

Paid Keyword Research

If advertising is in your plans to promote your site, we can study your competitors' paid search history to learn which keywords they have been bidding on for their ad campaigns. We can identify the words that have been the most profitable for them and review those keywords against your keyword set to see if any of their words can also be leveraged in your paid campaigns.

Studying the click volume on the keywords for your competition will reveal new ways to position your product against theirs. This level of detailed information is another tool to use in your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns to outrank your competitors and gather more leads to your website.

In working with Grand Plan Marketing, we form a plan to study patterns driving traffic to your competitors, and set a strategy for improving the content on your site to capture new visitors.

Learn where the opportunities lie to leverage your distinct value over the rest of the field.


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