Today, businesses are being pressed to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Companies want to know that their marketing spend is delivering bottom-line results by reaching and converting more customers.

Still, many executives struggle with the measurement and analysis of marketing performance, unable to confidently answer such critical business questions as:

  • Which channels deliver the most leads?
  • What is the quality of those leads?
  • What are our best-performing campaigns?
  • Where should we allocate our marketing budget?

Web analytics reports reveal trends and patterns from the traffic that visits your website. These reports can unveil effectiveness of campaigns and areas that are in need of attention. By looking at your traffic through different dimensions (by traffic source, by device, etc.), you can learn the behaviors of your visitors.

Dashboards provide real-time views into areas of your site that are most relevant to your business. They can be designed to give you a view of traffic volume, conversions, newsletter signups, whatever you deem most critical for your company's goals.

Grand Plan Marketing works with you to create a formal approach to answering these questions by gaining new insights into your business. We can build analytics reports and dashboards that give you a clear sense of your campaign effectiveness along with a path for next steps.

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