Today’s marketplace affords customers the ability to research your products and make buying decisions any time of day or night. This same convenience is benefiting the competitors in your space. The challenge has become to find a better way to promote your products than your competitors. And, to send those messages to the most qualified prospective buyers. Grand Plan Marketing has expertise in defining advertising campaigns for clients that reach the right audience based on the buyer personas for your products.

Among those advertising channels to consider are Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


As the number one search engine in the nation, Google also provides the widest reach of any search or social platform to broadcast your ads. In addition to the volume of prospects it brings, advertising on Google allows you to take advantage of its other services to better highlight your offerings. Your ads can easily integrate maps and directions into your message along with extra links in your ads detailing store hours or special offers.


With an audience of 214 million, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the United States, and a key site to consider when looking to advance the word of your site, your brands, and your products. This is especially true if your business targets a B2C audience. Facebook advertising provides a more granular level of audience segmentation to tap into a highly relevant set of prospects.

The segmentation tools in Facebook allow advertisers to reach members based on location, age, gender, as well as interests and behaviors, such as which people prefer to use mobile devices instead of desktops. Your ads will be delivered to your target audience’s feed with an image, a slide show, or a video.


Over 560 million active professionals are on LinkedIn, making it the prime place to be when looking to reach your B2B audience. Targeting tools in LinkedIn provide advertisers the ability to identify prospects through a number of filters such as industry, job function, job title, or specific company names.

Your ads can drive traffic to your site for a specific fulfillment (newsletter sign-up, white paper download, etc.), or you can deepen engagement through a social campaign to increase the numbers of Likes, Shares, and Follows.

As your advertising partner, Grand Plan Marketing eliminates the learning curve in launching your ad campaigns. We work with you to shape an ad strategy that aligns with your business objectives. Connect with us to learn which advertising options are best suited to deliver your messaging to the most relevant audience.


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