About Grand Plan Marketing

Our mission is to work with local businesses in understanding their problems and their company goals. With that, we form strategies that leverage digital channels and bring improvements to their methods of reaching their business objectives.

Grand Plan Marketing provides insights into your business. Here are some of the critical areas in which we can deliver the most impact to your organization:

  • Website Traffic. Do you know what the traffic patterns are to your site? Are you seeing traffic volumes increase as you launch new products or offers? We can review your site to determine traffic levels and to identify obstacles that are blocking people from knowing about your business and what it has to offer.

  • Competitive Research. Other businesses are in your space and are reaching out to the same audience as you are. How do their website and messages compare to yours? Learn where there is overlap in your messages and where there is opportunity to leverage your distinct value.

  • Advertising. Are you effectively communicating to the right prospects? Are you targeting the most relevant audience segments by location or by interests? Let us create an advertising plan that is tailored to your products and services that will reach those people that are a best fit.

For a free consultation to learn how we can help you reach your goals, connect with us.

About Joseph Vladic

Joseph is the owner of Grand Plan Marketing. A product of the Southwest side of Chicago and DePaul University graduate, he has achieved success executing marketing and advertising campaigns for 20 years. As a digital marketing expert, Joseph has directed teams and led high-profile projects for agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

His experience includes consulting with clients in e-commerce, retail, transportation, and financial services to build digital roadmaps that improve lead generation, online advertising, and brand awareness campaigns. He sets strategies that apply best practices to website design, email messaging, and acquisition programs that enhance the user experience and deliver superior results.

In his meetings with clients, Joseph identifies areas that are obstacles to those businesses reaching their objectives, whether it is increased web traffic, more email sign-ups, or higher conversion rates. Joseph forms strategies for launching tactics to remove these obstacles.

Joseph has proven himself to be a highly-skilled marketer, possessing a strong blend of analytical, technical, and business skills with the ability to understand and articulate a client’s business quickly.

Reach out to Joseph with any questions at Joseph@GrandPlanMarketing.com or 312.883.7586.